Pro Gene Water and Acid Reflux

May 3rd, 2018

Reviewed and Written by Himanshu


Pro Gene Water Electrolyte Enhanced


Pro Gene Water is specially mixed with electrolytes to bring its pH level to 9.5. At this pH the water is alkaline. This is the tastiest and most hydrating water I have found at this high pH level. Pro Gene Water is sourced from sunny Southern California.


What are the special benefits you get when you drink Pro Gene Water?


Hydrates Your Body


Pro Gene Water hydrates your body better than most bottled water. Hydration of the body is essential for all athletes and active people. Larger molecules of water with an acidic pH is not easy to be absorbed by the body. Alkaline water has smaller molecules. These are easy to be absorbed by the body.


Pro Gene Water keeps the body hydrated for long without having to drink too much water. The benefits I could not get from drinking a lot of other bottled waters, I was able to get from a smaller quantity of Pro Gene Water.


Acid Reflux


Acid reflux is a problem faced by many people. This is a process where the acids from the stomach come up the esophagus towards the throat. An occasional acid reflux is common and doesn’t do much harm. If the acid occasionally comes into the esophagus it doesn’t affect much as the esophagus, being close to the stomach, is also equipped to handle a small quantity of acid. But, larger quantities at regular intervals can damage the esophagus.


Acid reflux is caused when the sphincter muscles at the lower end of esophagus don’t close properly and prevent the food we ate from coming up the esophagus. Acids are produced in the stomach to digest our food. The lower sphincter muscles at the end of the esophagus open to allow food into the stomach and close soon after. But due to some factors, these muscles don’t act properly and allow the food and acid to travel up the esophagus. This causes heartburn and other discomforts.


When the incidences of acid reflux are more frequent it could damage the linings and cells of your esophagus. In time the damage may become permanent. People with damaged esophageal lining are more prone to esophageal cancer than others. It is thus essential that acid reflux must be controlled.


When there is abdominal obesity this causes excess pressure in the stomach which makes the sphincter muscles to open. In some people, the stomach doesn’t empty fully. This can be due to pregnancy or the usage of certain medications and the occurrence of diabetes.  This again causes pressure build up which will open the sphincter muscles. This is another cause of acid reflux and heartburn.


One main reason for the malfunction of the sphincter muscles is the usage of tobacco. Tobacco causes the lower sphincter muscles to relax. Usage of various anti-depressant medicines also can cause the muscles to remain relaxed. Smoking of tobacco causes even the upper esophageal sphincter muscles to relax. If the upper esophageal sphincter muscles are not closed the acid can reach the throat and damage it.


Pepsin is an enzyme in the stomach which also travels up when the sphincter muscles are relaxed. This enzyme, if it reaches the throat, lungs, sinuses and vocal cords, can remain there for a long time. In an acidic environment, Pepsin can cause severe inflammation. So, if you eat food which has acidic contents there is a possibility of inflammation.


We have seen how important it is to prevent acid reflux due to the damage it can cause to our body. Many methods have been tried to prevent the occurrence of acid refluxes. Saliva is one of the secretions that can effectively counter the effects of acid. It contains bicarbonate which is alkaline and can neutralize the acids. But some habits like smoking can reduce the production of bicarbonate in the saliva. This means that this method of countering the effect of acid is also not available.


Antacids As A Cure For Acid Reflux


Antacids have been used to cure acid reflux symptoms only. It is still being used in patients with occasional acid reflux. Antacids are also prescribed along with certain medications to prevent heartburn. But prolonged use of antacids is not good.


Acids are necessary for the stomach for regular digestion to happen. Acids help to digest the food and in the absorption of nutrients. Acids also help in destroying bad bacteria that may have entered along with food. What we need is a balance of acids and alkalis and prevention of acid refluxes.


Water – The Magic Potion


It is found that the safest medicine for acid reflux is water. Water has a pH level of 7.0 which is the mid-point between acidic and alkaline pH values. That means water is neutral. pH value represents the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. It ranges between 0 and 14. Anything below 7 is acidic and above that is alkaline. 7.0 which is the pH of water is hence neutral.


So, water can help in diluting the acid in the stomach. But drinking too much water is not good because it can again cause the food in the stomach to float and come up causing the same problems that we are trying to avoid.


Pro Gene Water – The Ideal Solution


Many of the bottled water brands tend to be acidic. This doesn’t help in any way to reduce the acid reflux. Pro Gene Water has an alkaline pH value of 9.5 which is among the highest in all bottled water brands. Due to the high alkalinity, you don’t have to drink too much of Pro Gene Water to help prevent the acid reflux. Therefore, Pro Gene Water becomes the ideal solution for acid reflux.


Pro Gene Water is not just highly alkaline but also comes with great taste. Because of the high absorption rate and alkalinity, a small quantity of Pro Gene Water may be enough.


Apart from possibly helping solve the problem of acid reflux Pro Gene Water may also help prevent initial signs of aging because of the anti-oxidant benefits of alkaline water above 8.8 pH. It is also the most natural way to flush out toxic chemicals from your body.


I'm not saying Pro Gene Water will prevent or cure any diseases, but in my own opinion I think it will help these problems tremendously! 



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