Natural Detox Power


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Natural Detox Power Capsules

An acai berry complex - among the purest and most effective natural body cleansers

A proprietary blend of natural fiber sources for healthy colon and digestive function

Absorbs and eliminates toxins while boosting the body's own antioxidant levels

Made and third-party lab-tested in the USA

Contains only natural, non-GMO ingredients for maximum health benefits

When your digestive system is under performing, you feel sluggish and off-balance. Natural Detox Power gets things moving again while ridding your body of toxins to help you feel fresh, light, and ready to tackle life head-on.


Get a natural, gentle fiber boost from this herbal and fruit blend:

- Psyllium Powder is a bulk-forming laxative that aids constipation and has a prebiotic effect

- Acai Berry Fruit Extract is a fiber- and antioxidant-rich superfruit that aids digestive health

- Inulin stimulates good bacteria in the colon and is packed with fiber for better digestion

- Slippery Elm Bark soothes the lining of the stomach and intestines

- Chlorella contains antioxidants and binds to heavy metals in the body to aid detoxification

- Ginger Root stimulates digestion and aids the body's natural cleansing process

- Papaya Fruit Powder gives the liver and kidneys a natural detox


Ridding your body of toxins and kick-starting your digestive system will make you feel light-as-air and help you reclaim your life. Natural Detox Power capsules are the optimal way to do just that.




(Please see *FDA Disclaimer Notice for this product in Terms & Conditions).

Add one of these to your fitness fuel lineup...

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