Neuro Power


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Neuro Power - 60 Capsules


• A powerful formula with vitamins, minerals, and natural botanical extracts
    • Promotes clarity of focus, helps improve memory, and aids cognitive health
      • High-quality all-natural ingredients for optimal neurological benefits
        • Developed by professional athletes and third-party lab-tested
          • Contains 60 veggie capsules: take 2 capsules once a day


            A clear mind and sharp focus are vital in today's fast-paced world. Neuro Power has been developed by experts to enhance your brain function and help tackle cognitive decline.


            Our brain-boosting supplements are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals:
             - B vitamins together with folic acid can help improve memory and can even lower your risk of developing cognitive impairment
            - Magnesium can help regulate the brain receptors that are crucial to memory function. It fights "brain fog" to keep your mind razor-sharp
            - Iron is included to help prevent deficiency which is linked to confusion and a decline in thought and memory function


            Declining brain function is not just a concern of the elderly. Work stress, social demands, and other lifestyle factors can all negatively impact on your brain's performance - at any age. We've created Neuro Power to give you an easy way to enhance and protect your mind so you can stay on top of your game.



            Gluten Free, Made in USA, Non GMO, Made in GMP Facility, Third Party Lab Tested, All Natural, Vegetable Capsules

            Add one of these to your fitness fuel lineup...

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