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Did you know that the seemingly most insignificant things can make a huge difference in your life? Take water for example. We all take it for granted. We don’t really care about the quality of our water. But isn’t water the most important part of your diet? After all, you could survive without food for weeks, but without water?

Pro Gene Water was developed out of a necessity for a single bottled water to hydrate well trained athletes and everyday busy people alike that could not find true hydration in most bottled waters.

Water cell penetration and absorption is dependent upon the size of the actual individual water molecules. This simply means that the lower the pH level of the water the larger the molecules will be. Bottled water pH levels go from acidic to alkaline with a pH range from 3.5 to as high as 10. A pH level of 7.0 such as found in most tap water is considered neutral with anything lower considered acidic and anything higher considered alkaline. 

Pro Gene Water is enhanced with hydrating performance electrolytes giving it an alkalinity level of around 9.5 pH. Pro Gene Water has been tested and endorsed by everyone from professional athletes, busy stay at home moms, medical professionals to the highly trained brave men and women in our United States Military.  

We are sure you will instantly fall in love with any choice of our bottled waters. Our flagship 9.5 pH Performance Power, Pure H2O Performance Power, 8.0 Sports Performance Power or All Natural Mineral Spring Alkaline Water. Our water is sold in singles, 12 pack and 24 pack cases. 



Pro Gene Power Products

We source the safest, most effective scientifically backed natural ingredients for our products. We believe that everyone has the Pro(fessional) Athlete Gene inside them. We provide the right supplement formulations and health products to bring out the Pro Gene in you!



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